How to drink enough water during the day

To drink enough water during the day is extremely important for both mental and physical health. However, because of a fast paced modern lifestyle, it’s rather easy to forget about it unless you make an effort not to.

There are different ways to make sure that you get enough water during the day. Read more about how you can do it below.

How water affects our health?

71% of Earth’s mass contains water, and about 60% of human body contains water. However, just by moving or doing any other activity, we lose this water. This is why it’s so important to gain it all back by drinking, therefore taking care of our health.

Water has a huge impact on our health. If most of the human body contains water, then it makes sense that water is also responsible for the majority of human body functions.

Water helps to deliver oxygen to our bodies, by moisturizing the muscles and relieving it of pain. Water helps to create saliva, which has an important role in food digestion. Drinking enough water moisturizes our skin and helps it look smooth and healthy. The same way water regulates body temperature and moisturizes brain and spine tissues that are responsible for brain function and movement.

Water has a huge impact on the overall health of the body.

Tips on how to drink enough water

drink water

There isn’t a specific requirement of how much water should a human consume daily but there is a general guideline, which is 2 liters per day.

Even though in the modern world we have an abundance of water, it doesn’t mean that everyone consumes it in sufficient amounts. There might be different reasons for it, for example, a stressful daily rhythm. But there are also people who simply cannot find a way to drink that much. To make it easier, here are some tips.

Get a reusable water bottle

A long lasting and easy-to-carry water bottle would definitely make this task easier.

Firstly, it would make you think more about how much you drink. However, you must also think about how and where you can repeatedly refill the bottle with water.

It will also help you to save some money, as you will not have to keep buying plastic bottles. Tap water is also a good water to drink. But if you are unwilling to do so, consider getting 5 liter water bottles to serve for your refill needs.

With a reusable water bottle it’s much easier to follow how much you actually drink. Based on the bottle’s weight, it’s possible to set a daily goal – how often must the bottle be refilled. This type of thinking will make water consumption easier.

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Add some taste

Clean and healthy water must be transparent and tasteless – this could also be a reason why some people find it difficult to drink enough of it.

A great way to solve this problem is by adding natural flavors to it. Think of adding things like sliced cucumber, lemon, orange, lime, berries, basil or peppermint leaves.

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Choose food with extra water content

Everyone knows that fruit and vegetables contain lots of water, especially things like cucumbers, zucchini and watermelon. You can also eat your water, and this is why fruit and vegetables are a great water source. And who can refuse a nice snack during a lunch break? It will not only provide you with valuable nutrition but also with water.

In the end, try to experiment and see what works for you. And hopefully, you find your perfect solution!

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