TOP Water bottle brands

Since drinking enough water is an important daily task, it is also important to find the right water bottle for you. Finding one that is both beautiful and functional to you will greatly help in your daily water consumption.

To choose the best water bottle for you, try thinking of your needs – what kind of bottle do you need? Will you use it at home, in the office, maybe during training? What kind of training – running, gym, biking etc. All these questions are important in order to help you find the water bottle that fits your lifestyle.

In this article we’ve compiled a list of TOP water bottle brands so you have quite a big choice to make.

Stay hydrated!

Hydroflask – Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

TOP Water bottle brands

The Hydroflask brand was founded in 2009 and it  quickly became one of the most popular water bottle brands all over the world. Hydroflask’s used steel provides the bottles with seemingly fresh flavor as well as a comfortable and stylish design. 

The brand has a special offer that lets anyone make their own custom bottle, choosing from 11 sizes, 3 different corks and 14 colors. You can also add a silicone base for easier surface placement. These bottles are functional and fun to carry around everywhere you go – on any adventures you might go!

Stanley – Hydration For Everyone On The Go

TOP Water bottle brands stanley

Stanley is one of the oldest sustainable water bottle brands starting way back in 1913. When presenting the society tasteful and quality stainless steel products, the Stanley brand takes care not only of the environment but also of public health. They encourage everyone to drink water and do it in style. 

Stanley’s motto is that the most sustainable products are those that you never have to throw out. Using one of the most easily recyclable materials as stainless steel, the Stanley brand has taken care of maximizing its ecological footstep. Nowadays their product range is quite huge – they are making not only bottles, but thermos, tumblers, dishware, coolers etc. Many different products!

Aladdin – Sustain Promise

TOP Water bottle brands aladdin

Aladdin is a brand that’s roots are from the USA, Chicago. These beautiful and functional water bottles are comfortable for everyday use in a variety of ways. The good quality and pleasant design, straps for lighter wear, children’s bottles, straws for more enjoyable and binding use, reliable caps that allow bottles to be carried in bags so you don’t worry about leaking a drink.

The bottles that are made from plastic do not contain BPA or bisphenol A. Some of the bottles are made of tritan, high-quality plastics that do not release toxins. Aladdin’s range also includes stainless-steel bottles. One of the main benefits of stainless steel is that it is very resilient and tough. These bottles are truly elegant.

ELLO – Eco Recycled Bottles

TOP Water bottle brands ello

Ello is a brand that’s mainly about being safe, clean and green. That is, in fact, one of their mottos. Their mission is to replace all single use food and beverage containers with durable and reusable products. With bottles that make you feel good and also look good. 

This brand is working on their products while involving different long lasting materials such as wood, bamboo, silicone and rope. That way the created products are better both for you and the planet. Ello’s water bottles are cute and funky – what else could you ask for?

24 bottles – Start With a Bottle

TOP Water bottle brands 24 bottles

24 bottles is an Italian brand with a great goal at the end of their actions. As many other brands, 24 bottles also want to reduce the use of plastic bottles both in nature and human everyday life. They often say that an aesthetic product can encourage people to turn to healthier lifestyles.

What is interesting is that by selecting the 24 bottles brand, you have the opportunity to reduce your negative impact on nature and the surrounding environment by reducing the daily consumption of plastic. By getting your sustainable water bottle, you save the production of one plastic bottle every time you fill it back up.

Camelbak – Keep Nature Wild

TOP Water bottle brands camelbak

Camelbak started with a goal of combining an active lifestyle with a healthy amount of water intake. From quality water bottles of plastic and stainless steel to everyday bags and running vests, which make it easier to hydrate during activities.

The brand offers a wide range of products that are suitable for everyday and different kinds of sports. Water bottles, bags and vests make it easier to drink water during cycling, running and hiking. Starting with lightweight bottles of water that can be added to the bike wheel, up to running vests that can be fitted with whole two bottles of water at the same time. 

Cheeki – One Reusable Products At a Time

TOP Water bottle brands cheeki

Cheeki is a brand that provides a lifetime guarantee for its products. The products are made from premium stainless steel and are perfect for many daily occasions. Stainless steel is a widely used material and iIt is durable and light and very resistant to corrosion, so the products are suitable for frequent washing. 

Cheeki offers not only beautiful and functional water bottles, but also handy coffee mugs and glasses, lunch boxes, food dishes, sustainable straws etc. While keeping up with the trends, Cheeki restores the available color pallets of bottles every season. 

Brita – Water Bottles With Filters

TOP Water bottle brands brita

Get cleaner, better-tasting water right from your tap with a Brita water bottle. This brand creates great water bottles with built in filters. That way you can access clean water pretty much everywhere you go. 

Replacing your filter on schedule means fresher water and exposure to fewer impurities. Not to mention better-tasting water means you’ll drink more of it. Grab a replacement and sign up for reminders to easily stay on track. Brita brand is all about helping you out, while protecting both your health and the planet’s.

EQUA bottles – Feel Good, Look Good And Do Good

TOP Water bottle brands equa

EQUA is a water bottle brand from Europe, Slovenia. They’re water bottles are truly beautiful and elegant. They say that in order to make yourself feel good, it is also important to look good and do good. That’s why EQUA water bottles are so gorgeous and meanwhile also help you save the planet from one-time plastic.

These are the perfect water bottles to keep at home or have at your office. Every glass bottle can be put into a faux leather cover – you can switch them up for a more fun look every day if you’d like. EQUA was established ten years ago and it keeps gaining new admirers on a daily basis. 

Nalgene – The Original Water Bottle

TOP Water bottle brands nalgene

Nalgene is a water bottle born from Science. After Chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette holder in 1949, he founded the Nalgene. These bottles serve as a great reminder to drink your water often during the day. This water bottle helps you to remember to drink because of the measurements written on the bottle.

These water bottles are fun and funky. There’s so many of them to choose from. In order to stay healthy and drink a lot of water, it is important to like your water bottle. That’s why Nalgene doesn’t hesitate to create cool designs. 

S’well – Beautiful Design And Sleek Form

TOP Water bottle brands swell

The founder of the S’well brand decided to free the world from disposable plastic bottles. Every day the brand is being inspired to surprise their customers by modern, innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world.

The story of S’well brand started with their first water bottle. It was a 500 ml heat-resistant bottle that’s capable of keeping beverages temperature chilling cold for 41 hours and hot for up to 18 hours. They even created a collection with BBC Earth series which you can see in the picture above – drink in the Northern Lights, march with the penguins, or swim with the sea lions and sea turtles. 

Klean Kanteen – Family And Employee Owned

TOP Water bottle brands klean kanteen

Brand Klean Kanteen is a family company founded by a brother and a sister from California, Chico. They say they’ve always been more comfortable sitting around a campfire than a boardroom table, more at home on the trail than the corporate treadmill. That’s why their goal was to create drinkware that’s made for adventuring outdoors.

Today, the brand’s many water bottles and coffee mugs are everywhere. All Klean Kanteen products are made of superior materials. The basic material used, which unites all products, is stainless steel. Brand offers its customers only the best, providing both functionality and not forgetting a simple but beautiful design.

LARQ – You Are What You Drink

TOP Water bottle brands larq

LARQ began with a simple vision where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to help people access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably. The LARQ Bottle’s award-winning design makes it easy to opt for the healthier and more sustainable choice, anytime and anywhere.

This brand of water bottles went even further, while inventing a sustainable water bottle they also made one that can purify the water inside it. Their PureVis™ technology eradicates up to 99.9999%* of germs, bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful bio-contaminants without the use of toxic chemicals like mercury. Better tasting and healthier water is definitely worth investing in!

SIGG – The Original. Since 1908.

TOP Water bottle brands sigg

This is a water bottle brand that’s story starts as late as 1908. Right from the start, SIGG sells a wide range of pans, pots, teacups, cutlery and household products including bed and water bottles.

SIGG manufactures products that meet contemporary tastes and set new standards at the same time. The unmistakable design of SIGG bottles has long since attained cult status. This has been confirmed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which displays two SIGG bottles in its permanent exhibition.

Hopefully this article made your choice easier! 

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