Keep Your Coffee Hot With Mug Warmer

Nothing beats the first cup of coffee in the morning. It is all nice and warm, it wakes you up and prepares you for the day. Unfortunately, coffee in a cup doesn’t stay hot for long. 

Everyone’s familiar with a situation when you make yourself a hot cup of coffee, then work for a bit and the next thing you know is your coffee is lukewarm. Nobody likes that. Thanks to the technology era, there is a solution today for almost every situation, including this one.

Armed with a modern invention, an electric coffee-cup heater, you’ll never have to worry about a coffee that isn’t drunk fast enough.

We’ve gathered a number of options in this article that you might find useful.

Practical coffee mug heater

mug heater

This mug warmer comes at a very available price. It is elegant, minimal and doesn’t take up much space. It’s worth mentioning that it’s also all wide, so it’ll be suitable for a big cup of coffee, or even a small bowl of soup. This makes the heater super practical and useful in different situations. Sometimes you just want quite a large cup of coffee for the day.

The cable of this heater is quite long, so it will be possible to keep your coffee hot even if the closest contact is not quite at hand.

The product is relatively cheap, so it would certainly be good to try out since there isn’t much to lose. According to customer feedback, there is finally a gadget that allows you to enjoy hot coffee without cooling it down. In addition, such a small-size heater will fit well into the kitchen and not take much extra space when it isn’t used.

Coffee mug warmer set

coffee mug heater set

This coffee mug warmer set includes a cool stainless-steel coffee mug, an easy-to-read LED screen and the base of a cup heater. The mug has a silicone outside in the middle, which looks stylish and also helps in comfortable holding of the mug. To keep the coffee temperature up even longer, a cap on the cup also comes in the set. It’s everything you could ever need in order to have hot coffee with you!

The mug heater is capable of reaching a temperature of up to 110 degrees Celsius. This means that users of this device will be able to control their coffee temperature from about 25 to 70 degrees. It’s enough to be able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee leisurely with no worries. 

This is intended for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and also milk, if necessary. This would make a great gift both for yourself and any other coffee lover out there.

Stylish ceramic mug with a heater

ceramic mug heater

This elegant and modern set of ceramic mug and heater is a gadget straight from the future. The mug comes with an aluminum charging plate that uses magnetic induction energy to heat a layer of metal in the bottom of your coffee cup. This is all science, therefore it works wonders!

The sets come in different colors and tones – especially beautiful are the calm pastel tones that require the day to begin without haste. These mugs are beautiful and trendy. They are made in a minimalistic style so the pieces are really timeless.

The most cool thing about this is that this coffee-mug charger also works as a wireless phone charger. How amazing is that? 

2 in 1 – mug heater and phone charger

mug heater charger

With every gadget we go more and more into the future. This is another modern-looking gadget that will keep your coffee mug at at least 55 degrees. 

Its additional function is also the possibility of charging your phone. Unlike the previous product, where it was also possible, in this one both activities are possible at the same time for this product. Drink your morning coffee and charge your phone at the same time with absolutely no worries!

Speaking of the shape and size, this heater is very small and elegant. It is 20 cm long and 10 cm wide. It is very convenient since it won’t take up much space while not being used. A USB cord comes in the set. The mug, however, is not included in the set. You can use any cup you already have at home though.

A smart coffee mug

smart mug

And to finish off – we introduce the most modern of them all. We are presenting a smart coffee mug that doesn’t need a heater – the heat of it can be maintained by itself. 

We’re used to seeing smart bottles that remind you to drink water regularly. Or smart watches that count your steps, look over your sleeping schedule etc. Then this is the smart version of a coffee-mug. 

This smart mug of coffee is connected to an application where you can see the temperature of the liquid in the cup and also adjust it as needed. The mug works on batteries and one full charge will be able to keep your coffee hot for an hour and a half. In turn, if a mug is placed on an ensemble charger, coffee can stay hot throughout the day. The cup is made of stainless steel and can be washed without problems.

Hope you found this article useful!

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