How to Remind Yourself to Drink Water

There are many ways of taking care of your health, but one of the most important ones is drinking enough water throughout the day. Even though it sounds simple enough, we don’t always remember about it. 

Especially with busy work schedules and everyday tasks it’s easy to forget to regularly drink water. In order to improve this situation, there are a number of ways to remind yourself to drink water.

In this article, we have compiled a list of reminders that will surely help you with regular hydration.

Write notes for yourself

A classic type of reminder is a note written by yourself. You can use colorful sticky notes and place them in a visible location. Once a reminder has achieved its goal, it can easily be removed. That’s why sticky notes are one of the best options – they can be placed wherever and easily removed.

Since it’s quite easy to forget to drink enough water during the day, it’s good to place these notes in visible locations that you might go to often. Sometimes thirst can be mixed up with hunger, so you will probably find yourself by the fridge at some point. So that could be one of the places to add a reminder note to drink water first.

Take your water bottle with you wherever you go

The best reminder to have is a filled bottle of water. If you’ll always have near you, there will be no excuse not to drink water. This is precisely why there are so many water bottles in our supply – one for home, office, car, sports and fitness, hiking, etc. For every situation there is a bottle of water.

Since we spend a large part of the day working, there should also be a bottle of water in the workplace. That way it will definitely serve as a reminder to drink more frequently.

water bottle

Try out a smart water bottle

If, however, the usual water bottle often goes unnoticed, then there is a better alternative – a smart water bottle. They are designed specifically to remind you to drink water regularly and to take care of your health. When you haven’t touched your water bottle in a while, it will let you know it’s time for a sip of water.

Smart water bottles work through apps that can be connected to your phone or smartwatch.  In most cases you can set up how much water you want to drink during the day. Then you can also adjust how often the bottle should remind you of it. Most commonly, smart water bottles report that it’s time to drink in 2 ways – it either sends a notification sound or lets you know by lighting up.

Set a notification for yourself in your smartwatch

These days technology can be a great help in remembering and tracking your health. One gadget that is particularly good is not only your phone, but also the smartwatch. It allows you to set up a variety of different functions, including your own health report.

Smartwatches have many useful functions – step counting, tracking your sleep mode and day-time activity, etc. It is also possible to record the amount of water that has been consumed and to set up daily reminders. Since the smartwatch is always with you during the day, you can’t miss the reminder.


Find a helpful app on your phone

Just like the smartwatch, your phone is probably also with you all day every day. There are many apps that are made specifically for water intake tracking although every health app should have this function available too.

As a general rule, a reminder of regular water intake is to be installed in almost any health application. If you already have apps that help you exercise, go for runs, bike around etc, it must also include a water intake section.

Add flavor to your water

Just because we often forget to drink water, it doesn’t mean we forget to drink any beverages. Not at all – in fact it is probably always remembered to grab a can of soda or juice. 

So one tasty recommendation to finish the article – adds flavor to your water. We often forget about water only because it can seem dull and boring to drink. For water to be more fun to drink one of the easiest solutions is to add flavor.

To keep your water healthy and refreshing, you can add sliced fruit or berries to it. Particularly popular are slices of lemon or lime, as well as various herbs – mint, lemon mint, basil and many more.

Hopefully this article helped! Stay healthy and hydrated!

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