Funny mugs as an original gift

For the reason that mugs are a useful everyday appliance, it is therefore a good gift idea to your friends and family. Except everybody already most likely has a plain and simple mug to drink from. So the point of view you need to be looking, is to find funny mugs that you could give them as an original gift.

Almost everybody starts their day with a cup of hot tea or their favorite coffee in order to wake up. If their mug has a fun print on it, it will surely get their day off to a good start. 

We searched through the internet to find some of the best funny mugs we could find on Amazon and Etsy. Here are some great choices.

Nope Not Today mug

Funny mugs not today

We have all felt not our best in the very early mornings. If you’re looking for a cute gift that is also a little bit funny, this funny sloth mug from Etsy is exactly what you need. It will be a silly gift idea for your best friends to make them smile even when they’re tired in the mornings before another work day ahead.

It is a well known fact that sloths are one of the laziest animals there are. So that would be a funny comparison to give this mug to your friend. And who knows, maybe sloths are their spirit animals, in which case, this would be an even more amazing gift idea.

Dad Joke mug

Funny mugs dad joke

Dad jokes are just the best, and whoever doesn’t agree, is probably just too cool to admit it. We all love a good dose of daily dad jokes in our lives. If your dad never disappoints with funny dad jokes then you should probably give him an appropriate gift to represent that. Just like this Dad Joke mug from Etsy. 

The best part about this mug is the dad joke on it itself. It’s a funny word play on how the dad’s jokes are all kept in a dad-a-base – database, if you didn’t catch on to that. We think this mug is an amazing gift for a father!

I’m Trying to be Awesome

Funny mugs

Mornings can be a pretty grumpy start of the day, especially if you haven’t had your first cup of hot coffee just yet. This mug is telling you that it is not easy to be awesome everyday – sometimes you do get exhausted. After all – it is tiring to be so awesome every day, right?

This Trying to be Awesome mug from Amazon will be the perfect gift for somebody who you for sure consider awesome. Sometimes all they need to feel good and be awesome again, is a cup of tea or coffee. Make sure you add that to the gift.

Survival Tips for Men mug

Funny mugs survival tips for men

This beer cup looking mug is a funny gift to any man out there. This mug shows an exact strategy of how dangerous it is to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It will serve as a useful guide for the man to not get into trouble. For example, it is always better to say ‘’Here is my paycheck!’’ than ‘’What are you so worked up about?’’.

As many other products on Etsy, this funny mug is also hand made. It is perfect as a gift for a man’s birthday or definitely a bachelor party. For a practical as well as a manly accent, this mug is made from stainless steel. It will make sure your drink stays hot for quite a while longer than a regular porcelain mug.

It’s Been a Long Day mug

Funny mugs long day

Everybody needs their cute mug in their collection too, right? This one is a perfect combination of funny and cute that will be an amazing gift for you mother, sister, best friend or girlfriend. It’s a word play for the long day compared to the longest dog there is – little weiner dog.

This Long day mug is already all set for being a great present. If desired, it also comes with a matching coaster. That way the receiver will have a whole set of this mug. A good start to the day is guaranteed with this precious and funny mug. 

The Scream art mug

Funny mugs scream

For anybody who knows their art pieces, a similar gift idea is most definitely required. One of the most popular paintings there ever were is Edvard Munch’s The Scream painting. Funny enough, it is an amazing comparison to how we feel before having our first cup of coffee in the mornings. So why not show it in the mug?

As a gift before, The Scream mug also comes with a coaster slash plate with it. When placed correctly, it serves as the screamer’s legs. Therefore a full cartoon version of the character is revealed. What a fun and creative gift idea!

The Climbers porcelain mug

Funny mugs climbers

Another artsy version of a funny mug is this elegants set of porcelain mugs you can see in the photos. There are some people who are all about their own aesthetic – they like pretty things and certain colors. A porcelain mug is definitely a part of many aesthetics, therefore it will be perfect for beauty lovers. 

To make this mug funny, some climbing humans are added on the sides of these mugs. It’s such a fine detail that you can’t even see it at first without taking a good look. Let it be a surprise for your friend and their guests at home. This Climbers mug is an amazing detail-oriented gift.

Talk to Myself mug

Funny mugs amazon

While looking for some funny mugs as an original gift, it is impossible to not come across a bunch of sarcastic texts over a mug. If your friend or family member that you are searching for the best gift for loves sarcasm, then this is the mug for them.

This mug claims that the owner of it is an expert of all things, therefore it is alright to sometimes talk to themselves. Haven’t we all been caught talking to ourselves or at least doing a little mumble? This Talk to Myself mug is the perfect gift for those people. Because, after all, why NOT talk to a wise person once in a while?

Koala Tea Jokes mug

Funny mugs koala tea

Another amazing mug that is both pretty cute and funny at the same time. It has a fun word play once again – that does seem to be a theme we have discovered on mugs. For somebody who loves creating their own puns on a daily basis, this kind of a gift will be an amazing option. That will show them that you do appreciate their creativity and daily puns.

This amazing Koala Tea mug is bound to have the receiver the best day. In fact, how can you not smile while drinking your beverage of choice with this cute mug?

Personalised Rating on the Mug

Funny mugs personalised

And finally, a true piece of work on this Ratings mug. We have surely saved the best for last, since this is a funny mug that allows you to personalise it to fit the person you want to give it to. This allows you the complete creative freedom to make a review of your friend, partner or family member. It is also a great time to truly roast them by saying something funny.

As mentioned in the description of this mug, you can literally personalise everything about this mug. Starting with the amount of stars you rate your friend all the way to the little comment youdecide to make about them. What a funny gift to both create and receive on the other end!

Hope you liked these!

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