Water Bottle Cheeki 54oz

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Cheeki water bottle made from Premium stainless steel.

The bottle is equipped with a special system that ensures easy opening and tight closing of the lid. The silicone seal will protect your drink from contact with plastic. This bottle is good for hiking and outdoor leisure, in addition, the lid has a handle for easier carrying.

The bottle is packed in a box and its cap is treated with a tasteful wooden decoration, which makes it suitable for serving as a gift.


Premium grade stainless steel, it’s also BPA-free.

Stainless steel – a type of steel which main component is iron. It is a light and very durable material that is suitable for frequent washing.

The cap contains a special silicone ring which will prevent water from coming into contact with the plastic.

Terms of Use

Wash before first use. It is not recommended to wash the bottle in a dishwasher.


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