Water Bottle Camelbak Eddy+® 20oz


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Camelbak sports bottle with a straw, which allows you to drink quickly and easily. The special Eddy + ® drinking mechanism provides a large flow of the drink for a quick and pleasant drinking, and also at the same time the bottle is safe against water leakages. The drinking spout can also be fully locked so that the bottle can be safely placed in the bag.

In order to carry a bottle in the bag, straw can be folded down, which makes it completely safe against leakages. This bottle is safe to use during sports activities and while you are driving by the wheel.

The bottle is equipped with a special system that ensures easy opening and tight closing of the lid. This bottle is good for hiking and outdoor leisure. In addition, the lid has a handle for easier carrying.


The bottle is made of plastic. The cap is made of polypropylen plastic and is equipped with silicone seals, in other words, the bottle is protected against leaks. Product materials does not contain BPA.

Terms of Use

Wash before first use. Bottle is dishwasher safe.


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