Thermal bottle Klean Kanteen 20oz


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Medium capacity thermal bottle made of Premium quality stainless steel. Suitable for sports, hiking and also for everyday use.

The body has a special Klean Coat™ coating, which is four times more scratch resistant than previous Klean Kanteen coatings, and it is also harmless to humans and the environment. The inside of the bottle has a special polish. The rounded corners make it easier to care for the bottle, as there is no place for dirt to accumulate.

The cap is airtight, so it is leak-proof, which means that the bottle can also be carried in a bag. It also has a loop on top, which makes the bottle more easy to be attached to a bag, which is useful when going hiking.

Thanks to Climate Lock™ double walls with a vacuum layer, the bottle provides excellent temperature resistance. The drink stays warm for up to 20 hours, but cold for up to 50 hours. In warm weather, the bottle can be refilled with a cooling drink, but when going out in winter, you can fill it with a warming drink.


This bottle is made of stainless steel, which does not contain BPA and other toxins.

Stainless steel – a type of steel, the main component of which is iron. It is a light, very durable material that is suitable for frequent washing.

Terms of Use

Wash before use. Bottle is recommended to wash using hands only.


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