Water Bottle Equa Smart Thermal 23oz


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High-quality steel thermal bottle, which uses the bottle’s built-in sensors and smart phone app, allows you to monitor your daily water consumption and remind you to use it more often. The bottle has a built-in light signal that will remind you when to drink.

The drink stays warm for 12 hours and cold for 48 hours. In the warm season, you can refill the bottle with a refreshing drink, but when you go out in the winter, bring a warming drink that will keep you warm throughout the day.

The bottle has a convenient, screw cap that closes tightly half a turn (180 degrees). The cover is equipped with a metal handle, which allows it to be carried easily. At the same time, it is like a beautiful design element, which together with the marble cover makes the bottle particularly beautiful.


Steel bottle with double vacuum walls. Covered with high-quality paint that is durable and pleasant to the hand.

Bottle cap made of durable plastic, with a silicone seal, as well as high-quality galvanic metal. Cover top with real Italian marble. Materials does not contain BPA.

The base of the bottle incorporates the Smart technology solution, which is coated with a layer of silicone at the bottom of the bottle. It can be easily removed to wash the bottle or charge it with the Micro USB charger.

A bottle in a tasteful box that makes it a beautiful gift.

Terms of Use

Wash before first use. Wash by hand without the use of detergents containing chlorine and bleach. Disconnect the Smart Device from the bottom of the bottle before washing. The set includes micro USB cable for charging Smart device connected.


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